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AI Technology

High precision AI-driven linguistic analysis

Language AI to uncover and model patterns. No work needed on the client's side.
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Automated learning with deep linguistic knowledge.

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No need to lose your time. The system learns, you invest your time in what matters.

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Prebuilt learned knowledge

Intelligence for more than 40 industries that you can benefit from since day one.

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Multi-lingual support

Spanish+English, language agnostic methodology that scales automatically.

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Multi-source support

Our system learns from any source: social media, company text data, websites, ...

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Our 1 month tailored-made setup indicates which patterns matter for your business goal in any kind of text.


Intelligent and actionable patterns

Business-oriented intents to optimize your company's goals and processes.

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Customer Success

We automatically extract business insights from your customer data. Understand your customer journey.

Discover leads and how to approach them.
Understand your customer experience to improve NPS.
Automatically identify and classify emerging customer problems.
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Conversational Agents

An API to build an intelligent chatbot that has deep industry knowledge and understands conversational patterns.

Knows the different kind of interactions of customer service.
Understands automatically topics, patterns and emotions to detect the intent of the message.
Automatically learns from your sources or external sources.
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Risk Analysis

Add a layer to detect potential risks of text information that is shared inside or outside your company.

Block and report invalid comments.
Avoid information leakage.
Report legal risk.
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Document Classification

Classify and understand main patterns in documents or contracts to optimize your time.

Automatically classify your documents depending on content.
Understand and locate recurring patterns to automatically relevant information from documents.
Locate which parts of the contracts are unique and need to be reviewed by humans.
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